Save your spot!

We're working as quickly as we can to make sure BloomX is the easiest and most secure crypto trading experience for our customers. As we continue to build our app, we'll be letting batches of users in to give it a try, but we want to be mindful that we don't overload our team and our systems.

To keep things nice and stable, each customer will be assigned a waitlist number. Once we have an open slot for you, we'll send you an email notification and you can begin trading immediately! (We might even add a bit of cash to your starting balance 😋)

To join the waiting list, just enter your email address in the form below.

OR! If you've already submitted your email address 😎, you can enter your address again to see what your number in the wait list is. 🔽


PS. If you want to help us out by inviting your friends, enter your email address above 🔼 and we'll show you how you can do so AND also improve your spot on our waitlist.

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